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dionysios_psiahasHis Beatitude Metropolitan Dionysios Psiachas, was the first Archbishop of the Holy Metropolis of New Zealand elected in 1970, on secondment from the Archdiocese of Australia who until then was assistant Bishop of Nanzianou in Australia.


He was born in Chalkidona opposite Constantinople in the year 1916. In 1941 he graduated from the Holy Theological School of Halki and as a cleric he offered his ministry, in Kurtulus of Constantinople as a deacon and as Archimandrite at the Theological School of Halki which he was curator of, as well as the Cathedral of St. Sophia in London.

In 1956 he was ordained Bishop with the title Nanzianou and served as assistant to the Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand Ezekiel. The year 1970 breakaway of New Zealand by the Holy Archdiocese Of Australia and as an independent anadeichtheisis Diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, was elected As the first Bishop of it by the title of New Zealand and Exarchate of India, Korea and Japan and later Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

Metropolitan Dionysios was distinguished for his dedication to the venerable Ecumenical Patriarchate, His simplicity and his readiness and strength to exercise his duties in New Zealand and in the countries Of Exarchate.

He consecrated several churches and ordained deacons and priests everywhere, especially in Korea and India which were predominantly missionary areas. He left in the capital city of New Zealand the Holy Cathedral of the Holy Apostle Andrew, a trust through which the economic status of the Holy Metropolis Shows and their recognition by the country of New Zealand.

On July 21 2003, he was elected Bishop of Prousis and because of this he remained close by the Cathedral of Apostle Andrew until his assumption (6 Jan. 2008).




    His Eminence Joseph Charkolakis, was born in Sitia, Crete in 1955. In 1978 he graduated from the Theological School at the University of Athens and in 1979 was ordained deacon and employed as A preacher of the Holy Synod of the Greek Church at the Metropolis of Lefkada and Ithaki. Ordained Priest in 1981 and served as a preacher and Chancellor at the Holy Metropolis of Ierapetra and Sitia. He later offered his ministry from the different positions at the Archdiocese of Australia where in 1989 He was elected and ordained Bishop Arianzou as assistant to the Archbishop of Australia Mr. Stylianos.

In July 2003 he was elected by the Ecumenical Patriarchate as the second in order Metropolitan of New Zealand. He is a structured cleric with a broad education and knowledge of the English language, distinguished as a good preacher and prolific writer.

During his two year stay he organized the Divine Worship, more involved in preaching the Divine Word and the Holy Catechism. He established the church of the Holy Apostle Andrew as a Metropolitan and the Annunciation as a Cathedral. He renovated the roof of the Holy Church of St. Andrew and repaired The adjoining household with necessary furniture and utensils and other items in order to be habitable and decent.

Resigning from the position of Metropolitan New Zealand for personal reasons, elected in June 2008 from the venerable Ecumenical Patriarch Titlouarios Prikonisou, and in the year 2009 a member of the Holy Synod.






pr.koreas    During the two months between the resignation of His Eminence Mr. Joseph, and until The enthronement of his successor Mr. Amfilochios, was appointed by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate as Deputy, His Eminence Metropolitan of Korea Mr. Sotirios Trambas, who stood with zeal And love to the flock of this Holy Metropolis which he in many ways helped and supported, he embellished the lobby of the Holy Metropolis of St. Andrew.

The third in order Metropolitan of New Zealand was elected in 2005 , Bishop Erithron Amfilochios Tsoukos, then assistant to the Metropolitan Kyrillos of Rhodos. By God’s mercy he continues until now the ministry in this remote Diocese which, by decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, incorporated in 2006 and the islands of the Southeast Pacific Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.