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 The Sacred Metropolis of New Zealand was established in 1970 as a separate entity from the Archdiocese of Australia which, till then had spiritual oversight for this country.  The Archdiocese is comprised of New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific, namely the islands of the Southeastern Pacific: Fiji, Tonga and Samoa together with their neighbouring smaller islands.


His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I His Eminence Amfilochios Metropolitan of New Zealand and Most Reverend Exarch of Oceania
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Sacred Metropolis of New Zealand

Main Office: Wellington

Mailing Address:

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of New Zealand

365 Broadway Miramar

Wellington 6022

New Zealand


General Archdiocesan Vicar: Protopresbyter Konstantinos Tsourapas

Tel: +64-4-3888824


Philoptochos Society of Wellington and environs– “The Evangelistria”

President: Mrs Frosso Dometakis.

Tel: +64-4-9776368

The Ierapostolic (Missionary) Society- “The Apostle Andrew” Miramar

President: Mrs. Anastasia Papageorgiou

Tel: +64-6-7567807

The Ierapostolic (Missionary) Society—“St. Nicholaos” New Plymouth President: Mrs. Marina Heyburn


Spiritual Ministry

Divine Kerygma: Sermons are preached by His Eminence, the Metropolitan, by Protopresbyter Fr. Paul Patitsas, theologian as well as by the other priests of this Metropolis.

Holy Confession: The Sacrament is administered primarily by His Eminence, the Metropolitan and by other priest, those who have received His Eminence’s authorization.

Missionary work

The Sacred Metropolis of New Zealand has been designated as an Ierapostolic (Missionary) Metropolis by the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Beyond the local missionary work which, with the help of our Lord, is continuously expanding, there is also external missionary activity.  The first is toward the residents of New Zealand of various origins and toward the indigenous Maori.

Following the inclusion into the Holy Archdiocese of New Zealand of those islands nations of the Southeastern Pacific– Fiji, Tonga and Samoa together with their neighbouring islands –by the Venerable Centre (as per the letter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate dated 8 June, 2006,  Protocol no. 485) a new platform of external missionary outreach has opened up.

Greek Schools

Greek schools staffed by teachers appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religion operate in Wellington, Auckland, Petone and Christchurch.