Thursday August 11, 4:24 am

DSCN9338 On Lazarus Saturday, 7 April, 2012, His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilochios, our beloved Chief Shepherd, placed the foundation stone for the Raising of the Sacred Naos named in honour of Righteous St. Lazarus, Who was Four-Days Dead, within the new cemetery “Makara” and more specifically in the area which was given by the New Zealand State to the Greek Orthodox Community.


The Raising of the this Sacred Naos was the vision of the first Metropolitan of New Zealand, His Eminence Dionysios of Blessed Memory, and it was approved and supported by His successor, His Eminence Joseph, who is the present Metropolitan of Proikonisos, and it is bring brought to fulfilment by our beloved Chief Shepherd, His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilochios.


The Greeks of New Zealand accepted the responsibility for the raising of this Sacred Naos.


His Eminence, our Chief Shepherd, after the laying of the foundation stone, along with his other spiritual thoughts, expressed his love for all those gathered at the ceremony and he offered the following:

“This present new cemetery is named after the New Zealand city ‘Makara,’ a word which has come from the Mauri language.  Without a doubt this word is a Greek word, a root word from which are derived the words: makarios, makaria, makariotis, and other such words (meaning blessed, and happy).


“The word ‘makara’ in the Ancient Greek language means the life which is beyond the grave.  Specifically, the Ancient Greeks referred to the afterlife as ‘the land of the Makaron,’ the land of the Blessed.”


His Eminence using this word as a spring board said in summation:

“We, the Greek People, and I say this with all humility, we are the originators of Civilization…”


“We must– and for this I hope and pray–we must continue to produce civilization, not only the mechanical means of civilization (the technology, so to speak) but more importantly the spiritual, which advances and directs the human person from the state of deficiency, in other words spiritual poverty, to the state of spiritual abundance and wealth, which ultimately lead to Theosis…”