Thursday January 20, 9:37 pm

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The first monastery of Fiji is refurbished

 STA_0312During the days which comprise the first week of the Great Fast (which is called Clean Week) in the monasteries there are readings from the first book of the Sacred Scriptures, the book of Genesis.  One can see there the great wisdom and love with which our good God made the world and He placed man there to make him to rejoice and for him to care for this world, while glorifying ceaselessly his Creator.


These days we find ourselves keeping a similar practice in the town of Saweni here in the Fiji Islands.  We are making an extraordinary effort until the image of the Sacred Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos is completed, as well as in the surrounding areas and especially in the chapel, which will also be the parish church until, a little further over, the regular church of the Holy Trinity is built with the Orphanage and the School.


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